Blogging is not the faint of heart

2011-04-30 16.13.30

I have to admit that I am not much of a blogger I guess because it means I have to shut down my mind to everything else except for the topic of  my writing.   Well, isn’t beading like that anyway?   I know for me it has been a mental vacation from the stresses of life.  Also after nearly 30 years in the computer industry, it has given me the opportunity to use all of my artistic and creative abilities in a free-flowing activity.  I guess that is why I love beading so much. What about you?

When I sit down to bead, especially in a nice Panera  Bread, where soft, soothing music is playing or the fireplace is crackling on a cold day, I forget about everything, as I get lost in my beads.  I get lulled into tranquility.  All I am thinking about at that time is the beautiful colors in front of me.

Writing can be like that perhaps so then blogging must be another good way to escape from a hectic day.  For me, it means forgetting about all the pressures of writing for graduate courses.  On my blog, I get to just share my thoughts without concern for how I will be graded.  In my most recent graduate studies in seminary, we were required to write 250 word Blackboard discussion posts.  Many times, I did not need all those words to express myself, because I am trained in business to be succinct rather than verbose.  It was challenging for me to keep rambling on.  So to share with you my fellow beaders and bloggers I will just put all of that aside and remember the pleasure I experienced as a undergraduate student writing letters to my friends.  Now, you, my readers, are those beading friends that I hope will enjoy what I share in my writings about my beading journeys.

Hey…I just finished a blog post.  Wow!


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