I am so excited

I am so excited about my new blog for The Virtual Bead Society.

I travel and work remotely often (as in remote to other beaders & bead shops).  So sometimes I have to bead all alone & that is of course no fun. My schedule does not always allow to make the wonderful meetings by my local bead society. Part of the fun of beading is the socialization & inspiration, thus, I decided to create a virtual beading group where we can convene via webcam, etc to work together, get tips or watch videos.  I tested this on my sister on the West Coast.  It was great.  We watched a YouTube video & were supposed to be working on the same project (that part is still a work in progress, lol).  I have traveled across the country & met a lot of great beaders.  Now I can bring them together.  I hope you will join in on one of our free Friday night LiveCam Virtual Beading Parties..

Here is one of my jewelry pieces.  I will talk about this piece at our first beading session in February, tentatively scheduled for the President’s Day weekend.  More information to follow.




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